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    Words for Parents

    is one of the most important skills that develop from our brains. All learning skills depends on the ability of reading.

         Smart Little Bean Early Reading Centre was established in year 2006. The purpose is to strengthen the children’s early reading habits and interest in the main languages especially English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.
         Our centre uses flash cards to teach students literacy and master the languages one to one within two hours. We strengthen the ability of children to read and write in order after they could recogniz
    e wo
    rds. Young children can improve their understanding ability through reading.
         Smart Little Beans Early Reading programme provides complete teaching materials and exercises. Our programme was approved by the Malaysia Ministry of Education. This programme is suitable for the children above three to seven years old, because it is the golden opportunity for the children to learn and also a critical period for them to establish their own reading ability. During the courses, we completely guide them according to their absorptive capacity level and not by age teaching.

         Early readers trained by Smart Little Beans Early Reading Centre will lead ahead compare with other children who are taught later in life. In addition, the way they learn will be easier and comfortable. As a conclusion, through early reading the children will build a good foundation for their future learning.